Shelf Supports – For Removable Shelves

SHELF SUPPORTS are fitting used for the impermanent application of the shelf to the furniture.

ALFA is available in three different variants according to the way of anchorage: ALFA STOP has a self-locking bolt, ALFA SPEED anchors to the panel just with pressure and ALFA CON FORO is for the application with screws.

Shelf support

ALFA STOP – Shelf support

ALFA products are conbined with NORMAL 300, NORMAL 360 shelf supports, and BETA vertical fitting.

Shelf support for glass

ALFA GLASS STOP – Shelf support for glass and crystal

ALFA GLASS is designed for glass and crystal panels.

Shelf support

NORMAL 330 – Shelf support

NORMAL 330 is specially designed to facilitate the transport process of kitchen cabinets.

VERTIGO – Recessed vertical fitting and shelf support

VERTIGO – Recessed vertical fitting and shelf support

VERTIGO works both as a vertical fitting and a shelf support and it results invisible on the cabinet once mounted.

The limited dimensions and the very low visibility of these products provide to give aesthetic value to the furniture.

Recessed acetal plastic shelf supports-anterior

MONOGHOST 12 – Recessed acetal plastic anterior shelf support

Recessed acetal plastic shelf supports-posterior

MONOGHOST 12 – Recessed acetal plastic posterior shelf support

GHOST SERIES products, made of acetal plastic, are invisible on the furniture, and vary in size and performance to meet every needs.

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