• Opening mechanisms & fittings for furniture industry

  Thanks to the configurator you are able to adapt WINCH, MINIWINCH or MICROWINCH mechanisms to your constructive needs.   Configure your opening mechanism for flap doors!   At the end of the path you will receive all the necessary data for the furniture production and the defined mechanism to use.   TRY IT NOW!  
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ANKOR GT cover is available in four colors: black, grey, white and brown. Learn more about ANKOR GT!
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Can be mounted recessed! Learn more about IN-SIDE!
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Innovative mechanical solutions for the furniture industry in a constant research for efficiency and comfort

About us

EFFEGIBREVETTI, company with years of experience in the furniture industry, is an adventure started by Fiorello Giovannetti in 1964 in an old milanese basement, where he worked with small mechanical components. Read more

Furniture fittings and hardware

EFFEGIBREVETTI anchoring systems and hardware for furniture are innovative mechanical solutions to every furniture industry needs in a constant research for efficiency for the consumer, with particular attention on aesthetic hindrances. Read more

Opening mechanisms

EFFEGIBREVETTI proposes different opening and closing mechanisms to provide different functionalities, performances and types of individual interaction with furniture in order to increase the satisfaction of the consumer during use. Read more

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