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Flap Door Systems

Our flap door mechanism are designed to provide furniture industry professionals with a professional solution. For this reason they do not require any special tools during assembly, are suitable for all types of applications and are characterised by a sophisticated design that adds value to the furniture. All our furniture mechanisms feature specially patented devices to make the user experience practical, easy and comfortable.  


MicroWinch is the mechanism for flap, solid and framed doors. The mechanism is symmetrycal and it can be fitted on both...


NanoWinch is a mechanism for blind and framed flap doors. NanoWinch is symmetrical and it can be applied on both the...


MiniWinch is a blind and framed flap door mechanism designed to be fitted on both sides of the cabinet.


Winch is a mechanism for solid or framed flap doors.


Unico is a flap door mechanism with integrated hinge.


SlimWinch is a mechanism for flap doors from 18 mm thick.

Unico Flap

Unico Flap is the upward flap door mechanism with integrated hinge and a thickness of 12 mm.

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Ankor DS-30

Ankor DS-30 is a hinge for swing doors designed for heavy doors.


Pegaso is the mechanism for wardrobes that allows horizontal opening of pantograph doors, solid doors and framed doors.


Unico is a flap door mechanism with integrated hinge.

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