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Quality Policy


Statement of Quality Policy

The management of Effegibrevetti S.r.l. is going to realize an enterprise based on the main rules of Quality, on customer care and on the continuous improvement of the efficiency of business processes.

In this document we are defining our idea of product Quality and customer service focusing on the aspects for which we aim at standing out.

The general guidelines which we have inspired us are the following:


1. Customer’s central role

Our attention to the customer is expressed by a true consideration of his needs and expectations as well as by our commitment to improve his satisfaction.
For this purpose we consider necessary to know, through indirect methods such as the evaluation of the number of customer non-compliance, delivery times, fidelity customers and sales visits, the customers’ perception of Quality. Another primary element in this direction is monitoring of the complaints.


2. Commitment to respect the mandatory requirements

Effegibrevetti undertakes to constantly ensure compliance with the legal requirements and other regulatory constraints and contractual obligations related to the introduction of products into the market and the practice of all business activities.


3. Quality of the Product

We believe that the main success factor of our company lies in the qualitative features of the product, in terms of functionality, safety, reliability, aesthetics and in compliance with the specifications agreed upon the customer, with a focus on the correct positioning of the product in relation to its price range.

Indicators preforming to this direction are the monitoring of the number of non-compliance on the product (customer returned and testing defects).


4. Flexibility

Effegibrevetti wish to be identified as a company able to offer solutions to customers’ requests, concerning special products, for which ability to analysis of the technical aspects organizational flexibility are required in order to meet the variability of design requirements and productive needs.


5. Quality of the Service

The respect the delivery times stated is considered a competitiveness factor, monitored through delivery times and delays indexes.


6. Selection of the Suppliers

The success of our activity also depends on a careful selection of the suppliers. With them, we must established trust and mutual benefit relationship based on the clear definition of the requirements and as well as the continuity of the service, respecting the reciprocal obligations depending on the contractual agreements.


7. Enhancement of Human Capital

We aim at building a corporate culture which recognize the importance of human resources and their professional growth.

It is our belief that in order to reach these goals it is necessary to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality management system and the maintenance of the ISO 9001 certification.

For this purpose we wish all the people who work for Effegibrevetti, to be involved, inviting them to contribute with their work and their suggestions to the full achievement of the Company’s targets, sure that the improvement of Quality and customer satisfaction will be of benefits to everyone.

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