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Snap fittings

With our snap fittings, furniture professionals can rely on intuitive, fast and solid furniture assembly. We patent and manufacture furniture fittings systems in a variety of materials, sizes and shapes for application to a wide range of furniture.

Normal 680

Normal 680 is a snap fitting for furniture made of zamak and steel with a nickel-plated finish.

Normal 720

Normal 720 is a steel furniture spring with a burnished finish, used to fix furniture plinths, infills and...

Normal 800

Normal 800 is a snap fitting designed for non-structural fitting of front panels and trim strips to furniture.

Normal 850

Normal 850 is a snap fitting designed for non-structural fittings of front panels and trim strips to furniture.

Most viewed

View the most popular products and learn more about their technical features and applications.

Ankor DS-30

Ankor DS-30 is a hinge for swing doors designed for heavy doors.


Pegaso is the mechanism for wardrobes that allows horizontal opening of pantograph doors, solid doors and framed doors.


Unico is a flap door mechanism with integrated hinge.

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