Fittings and hardware

EFFEGIBREVETTI fitting production

Innovative mechanical solutions to all the furniture industry needs in a constant research for efficiency and comfort, with particular emphasis on aesthetic hindrance theme.

EFFEGIBREVETTI offers innovative products, extremely durable and easy to use.

SPREADING DOWELS to create anchoring systems for metric screws.

Horizontal fittings, used for the assembly of the basic structure of the cabinet: SUPERLOCK, HELIBLOCK and MEGALOCK. ROSTRO and ROTO that result invisible on the cabinet once mounted.

BETA, NORMAL 300 and NORMAL 360 to combine with ALFA shelf support.

ALFA GLASS shelf support for glass and crystal. GHOST SERIES recessed and invisible shelf supports and NORMAL 330 designed for kitchens.

COMBIMINICOMBI and BETA vertical fittings.

VERTIGO works both as a vertical fitting and a shelf support and it results invisible on the cabinet once mounted.

Steel spring for baseboards fixing NORMAL 720 in various versions.

Snap fitting NORMAL 680 to fix a back panel behind furniture.

Snap plugs NORMAL 800 and NORMAL 850.

Adjustable feets and levellers CRICCO C3, NORMAL 400, NORMAL 420, NORMAL 430, NORMAL 480 and NORMAL 450.

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