The ANKOR rawlplug

EFFEGIBREVETTI counts years of experience in the furniture industry.

An adventure started by Fiorello Giovannetti in 1964 in an old basement in via Marciano in Milan, where he worked with the first machine tools, built by himself, for different assembly types of small mechanical components. He invented the first Helical Expansion Rawlplug called ANKOR and the first Brass Expansion Dowel, including the variant with tablet for not hardened screws. On the 2nd of March in 1966 he also received an award to top inventors around Lombardia area for his bushings.


EFFEGIBREVETTI ANKOR expansion rawlplug

Fiorello Giovannetti at the Lombardy inverntors award ceremony, March 1966

Fiorello Giovannetti at the Lombardy inverntors award ceremony, March 1966


EFFEGIBREVETTI bushings airbrush drawing

EFFEGIBREVETTI bushings airbrush drawing, 1968


The company is now guided by his children, Laura and Antonio Giovannetti, designer and author of each of the innovative and technically advanced products in the catalog.

Antonio Giovannetti in our showroom

Antonio Giovannetti in our showroom

EFFEGIBREVETTI is also a company with a Quality Management System certified by DNV =ISO 9001= to ensure and increase the satisfaction of each customer through the application of a system based on the continuous improvement of the various processes.

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