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Ghost 20

Ghost 20 is a high performance acetal furniture shelf support that is completely invisible on the furniture.

MonoGhost 8

MonoGhost 8 is a high-strength furniture shelf support specifically for 12mm thick shelves or partitions.

MonoGhost 20

The wide range of furniture fittings includes MonoGhost 20, an invisible shelf support for shelves or partitions.

MonoGhost 12

MonoGhost 12 is an invisible furniture shelf support for 16 mm thick shelves.

Normal 680

Normal 680 is a snap fitting for furniture made of zamak and steel with a nickel-plated finish.

Normal 720

Normal 720 is a steel furniture spring with a burnished finish, used to fix furniture plinths, infills and...

Normal 800

Normal 800 is a snap fitting designed for non-structural fitting of front panels and trim strips to furniture.

Normal 850

Normal 850 is a snap fitting designed for non-structural fittings of front panels and trim strips to furniture.

Normal 400

Normal 400 is an adjustable acetal furniture foot designed for cabinets.

Normal 420

Normal 420 is an adjustable furniture foot manufactured from steel, nylon and zamak.

Normal 430

Normal 430 is an adjustable furniture foot made of steel, acetal, nylon and manufactured for the assembly of the basic...

Normal 450

Normal 450 is an adjustable furniture foot made of steel, acetal and nylon.

Normal 480

Normal 480 is an adjustable zamak furniture foot that can be used in a wide range of application. 

Normal 330

Normal 330 is an ABS shelf support for kitchen cabinets.


NanoWinch is a mechanism for blind and framed flap doors. NanoWinch is symmetrical and it can be applied on both the...