Ankor Helical Rawlplug

First designed by Fiorello Giovannetti in 1964.

"The Ankor Rawlplug is suitable to be applied in any type of wall or ceiling, it ensures strong and fast anchorings on wall made of hollow bricks and solid materials like concrete, marble, tuff, tiles, etc.

The Ankor Rawlplug also provides a complete electrical isolation between the metal component for the hanging and the wall.

The exceptional mechanical characteristics of nylon and the original concept ensure its stability over time and a wide range of application, it is particularly suitable to support huge weights, also in traction."

Ankor Expander

First designed by Fiorello Giovannetti in 1964.

"Expander made of tempered steel for fittings on wood and chipboard panels.

The insertion of the screw causes the expander to spread, ensuring a very strong anchorage."

On March 2nd 1966 Fiorello Giovannetti received an award of a contest among inventors residing in Lombardy organized by the provincial administration
of Milan.


Presented in 1970, horizontal fitting with blocking lever designed to ease and speed up the furniture assembly.


Born in 2000 as the progenitor of a new family
of products that will mark the future history of
the company.

Mechanism for vertical opening.


Brought to market in 2004.

Mechanism for sliding complanar doors.


Presented in early 2006 as evolution of Vela.

Mechanism for vertical and oblique opening,
and folding doors.