BETA – Vertical Fitting

BETA M - Vertical fitting

BETA M – Vertical fitting

BETA is a vertical fitting Ø 18 mm for tangent application designed for libraries and base structures.

BETA B - Vertical fitting

BETA B – Vertical fitting

BETA M works vertically, BETA B version also allows horizontal approach of the panel.

With BETA panels are easily removable at any time.

BETA without raised edge

BETA without raised edge

A special version is not provided with the raised edge so you can mount it flush with the surface.

BETA M4 support

BETA M4 support

BETA M6 support

BETA M6 support

BETA products are combined with the provided support to insert in the side panel, that is available as M4 and M6x6 in different sizes.

Patented product.


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